An announcement

“The rock arts - the golden cradles of our heritage”

The “ACUS” (A Center for Ultimate Studies, a unit of ‘Chandra Bose trust’, regd. number 4/96/2015) invites articles on the above heading from freelance researchers, writers, students and those who are willing to write on free of cost.

 The article has to be as “knowledge” to share with others, without any criticism on other’s research study. It has to be a detailed research and study with relevant evidences and sources. The article can be related to pictographs, petroglyphs, graffiti marks, symbols, scripts, seals and others. 

The writers are requested to become a member of “A center for Ultimate Studies, no subscription fees to be paid. An abstract of the article, not exceeding 250 words with a declaration stating that the article is of your own, not copied from others. The articles will be evaluated and advised to the concern accordingly, to send the complete article.  

The complete article has to be written in English, on A4 sheet with 1 inches space on four sides, using MS word software in font Aerial, sizes such as heading 16, sub heading 14, texts12, with the line spacing option 1.5.  And not exceeding more than 1250 words. Only the best articles will be published in our web site: http:/ and study.html

The best writers will be honored with awards, during the annual conference conducted on “The world heritage day” the 18th April of every year.  The prior information will be sent to them on or before 18th May of the respective year. No TA, DA will be paid to attend conference.

The registration as a membership, along with the abstract of the articles can be obtained from and also send the same to the email ID:  as an attachment. For any other information feel free to contact, the founder and president’s Cell phone 91+ 9750894532.

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The Archae-Symbolist  T. L. Subas Chandira Bose, explaining about an ancient stone inscription known as "Aasriyakkal", erected   during 12th. century A.D. , in order" to get rid of the fear of death" by a king called Sundra Pandiyan, in a temple at Alundur, near Trichy,  

Living in this earth is a great surprise, dying  in this earth is certain. Hence Let us place our steps to attain ultimate knowledge

About us

​A center for ultimate studies

The short form of ‘A Center for Ultimate Studies’ is ACUS.


The ACUS established to explore the views to promote studies to attain ‘Ultimate knowledge’ on the basis on language, philosophy and history and also without any creed, color and country.     

Ultimate knowledge

The Ultimate knowledge is that, “knowing which everything in the world becomes known”.

Areas of study

The ACUS encourages research and studies on ancient rock art, symbols, and inscriptions, as areas of studies. The goal is to attain ultimate knowledge with a key, as a source to unlock the mystery on symbols and scripts dated back to minimum 3500 B.C.E. or similar to symbols and scripts found during the excavation at Indus valley.

Research and Study

The research and study will be carried out by a team head by T.L.Subash Chandira Bose -the archaeo-symbolist, founder and president of ACUS.  


The ACUS is financed by ‘Chandra Bose Trust’ (regd no: 4/96/2015). In case of any necessity arises and also based on its requirements, the fund will be raised only from the trustees.   

Books and articles

The ACUS will publish books, once in a year, written in Tamil and English languages. The books will be authored by the founder president in association with co-research scholars. The new findings and the research articles will be published in http:/

The ACUS may assist the authors, to seek fund from concern departments in state and central governments.

The book published on 28th June, 2015.

Tho(l)liyal Andarangam  (The secret of Ultimate knowledge), in Tamil language.

(Applied and yet to receive the fund from Tamizh Valarchithurai, Government of Tamil Nadu. Based on the receipt of the fund, the above book will be printed as the second edition, with due respect.).

Authored by T.L.Subash Chandira Bose, Dr. Ramkumar and K.Balakrishnan

Number of pages120, cost 90/= each without postal charges. For those in overseas, the book will be sent to their email address, as attached pdf file.  


The ACUS will organize symposiums and conferences once in a year on the topics in line with Ultimate Studies. The selected papers will be published in its web sites and also published in annual magazine, with awards. The special meeting will be organized by inviting scholars to deliver lecture on the topic related ACUS.


The ACUS will give awards to three freelance research scholars during the annual conference held during June-July every year.   

The three award winners and also freelance researchers for 2014- 2015 are;

(Late) Vallambal Lakshmanan award      :Sri. P. Ramalingam, Karur,

(Late) Saratha Govindaraj award              :Sri. Sugavan Murugan, Krishnagiri,

(Late) Seventhipoo Tandavan award       :Sri Madu.Ka. Ramachandran, Nagappattinum.

Member ship

Only freelance researchers are invited to enroll themselves as an ordinary member for a period of one year.  After completion of one year and purely based on merit, selected researchers will be considered for regular membership.