​​​​​​​Dear sisters and brothers,

We pleased to inform you, as an outcome of  our  research and studies on sacred  symbols found in megalithic burial sites, cave inscription and
rock arts, we are publishing a book with the title " The Kizhvalai Rock Art" during the Freelance researchers first conference on rock art's Language- Philosophy - History, on Sunday, 21.02.2016  at E.R.High School Tiruchirapalli-620 002, Tamil Nadu in India.


​​​Name of the Book                  :           The Kizhvalai Rock art

                                                            It is full of delighting mystery of  truth,  

                                                            Divinely revealed as symbols- it had to be unfolded.

Nature of Book                       :           Language - Philosophy - History

All right reserved to               :            T.L. Subash Chandira Bose

                                                           TM R. Veerasekaran

                                                           Dr. M. Lakshmana perumal Ph.D

Size of the Book                      :          140 mm x 215 mm

First print                                :           Feb. 2016

Pages                                     :           64

Cost of Book                          :           INR  60/= (packing forwarding extra)

ISBN                                       :           978 -1-5136-0923-2

Published by                          :           A Center for Ultimate Studies,

                                                          (A unit of Chandira Bose Trust,regd 4/94/2015)

                                                          3/43.B.New Reddy Street,

                                                          Beemanagar, Tiruchirapalli-620 001

                                                          Tamil Nadu, India.

Email                                       :           archaeosymbolist@gmail.com

Cell phone number                :           + 91-9750894532​

Thank you..