Dear sisters and brothers,

A Center for Ultimate Studies is publishing a book:
Ancient Thamizh, The Faculty of Harappan Symbols  and Script
in Januvary 2018. 

About the book

This book is to enlighten the knowledge of those who do not know much or little about the glory, pride and deep rooted culture of “Ancient Thamizh”. Those who are least interested,if happen to read this book will get interested and induced to enter into this field of “Research & study on Harappan symbols & Scripts”, to get enchanted. 

 Lots of reference books are available for reference and this book joins with those precious valuable and informative of books.

In this book, the authors have explained those things with ample evidences With their wide knowledge and work experience gained, they have studied the “Graffiti marks, Rock Arts - Pictograph and petroglyphs” found in Tamil Nadu, compared with those found in Harappan seals and arrived at concrete conclusion that that the culture and life style prevailed in Indus Valley region on those period are similar to our Ancient Thamizh.

The author’s ambition is to leave these research activities to the future generations to continue.

Details about the book:

Book size                   : 140 mm x 210 mm

Number of pages        : 128 with illustrations,

Language                   :  English with necessary Thamizh words,

The cost of book        : Rupees  200/= (excluding packing and forwarding)

For advance booking:

The Founder President,  A Center for Ultimate Studies,
3/43 B.New reddy Street, Beemanagar, Tituchirapalli-620 001,
Thamizh Nadu, India.
Cell phone number: 91+ 9750894532 or 91 +  9080650420